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Who are you?
My name is Patric, I'm grew up in Sweden, I wouldn't say I'm the "typical Swede", I guess you can understand why further down...

6 years ago I decided that I have had enough with the freezing Swedish weather. I packed my bags and traded Sweden for the tropical island Malta. The original idea was to stay in Malta for a couple of months, I ended up staying for over 5 years.

I always had an interest in human psychology and figure out why people act and do as they do. When I came to Malta I started go out a lot, chasing girls and getting to know "the game" as it's refereed to by pick up artists.

Since I already had passion for psychology this soon became one of my favorite topics. This lifestyle got me exposed to the wealth of information that is accessible for guys on how to pick up girls, but there is a problem with this.

Many guys don't know what to do after the pick up stage, they are clueless!

And girls end up having to deal with the consequence, which often lead to broken hearts and confusion.

This knowledge came to me at the same time I wanted to make a career change, so that was when I decided to return back home to Sweden and start wokring as a dating coach.

So, today I'm working full time with providing the very best dating advice and techniques for women that want more control over their love life and success and stability in their relationships.

Why are you doing this?
The reason I started as a dating coach is because I believe that I have something of value to offer.

I've been that guy many girls struggle with, a stubborn guy that is hard to read, won't commit and keep their emotions on another planet.

I know what works and what dosen't, how guys thinks and what really makes a guy emotionally attached to a woman.

I believe it's a great life purpose to strive to learn, grow and become the best version of oneself.

Join me on this journey and let's grow together!

Patric Tarnhamn