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My name is Patric Tarnhamn and I grew up in Sweden, wouldn't say that I'm the typical Swede, I guess you can understand why further down.

6 years ago I realized that I have had enough with the freezing Swedish weather, my life had gotten quite stagnated. I was shoveling snow on top of massive warehouse rooftops and I was not particularly happy with my life. After a friend proposed a call to adventure, I ended up packing my bags to trade Sweden for the tropical island Malta. The original idea was to stay in Malta for a couple of months just to experience something new, I ended up staying for over 5 years.

When I came to Malta my life went through many transitions, I was exposed to a lot of changes in my career, identity and social life. I started to go out a lot, chasing girls and getting to know "the game" as it's referred to by pick up artists. Since I already was interested in psychology this became one of my favorite topics. This lifestyle got me exposed to the wealth of information that is accessible for guys on how to pick up girls, but there is one problem with this, they never teach you what to after the pickup stage, I was clueless!

I later went on a bumpy road with some failed relationship attempts and came to realize that I had some work to do, internally. I was getting burned and I realized it was all my doing, so I set off on a quest to improve myself, my life and develop a deeper understanding of how things worked, it was time for improvement! After a few years with a strong dedication to self-development it became quite clear to me that I had grown a lot, everything in my life became a lot easier to cope with and the hard work had paid off.

I would not say relationships become pink clouds and rainbows (don't think they ever will be), but the work I had spent on improving myself made a strong impact on how well I could handle difficult challenges, breakups being one of them. I had learned the most effective ways for how to cope with romantic rejection and most importantly, how to make the most of it!

This insight came to me at the same time I wanted to make a career change so that was when I decided to return back home to Sweden and help others to cope with their challenges.

So, today I'm working full time with providing the very best advice and techniques for men and women who are facing difficult times dealing with breakups. I help people to recover faster and bring strength, purpose and fulfillment back into their life by turning break-up into a source of motivation towards personal growth and development.

I started as a breakup coach because I have something of value to offer. I've discovered many misconceptions and traps people fall into when trying to recover from romantic relationships, both in my personal and professional journey as a breakup coach.

I understand the pain and know the all the destructive habits people unknowingly fall into that amplifies the pain instead of minimizing it. I have been on both sides, I've had my heart broken and unfortunately been the cause for someone else's. I know what path works and what doesn't, how to properly get yourself out of your own head and see clear even when you're emotionally attached and blinded by love.

I believe it's a great life purpose to strive to learn, grow and become the best version of oneself and then help others do the same, pass it forward, that is what really motivates me on a deeper level.

Join me on this journey and let's grow together!

Patric Tarnhamn